My name is Matt McCallion, I’m a graduate of Liverpool John Moores University with a 2:1 degree in Bachelor of Science (w/ Honours). I’ve had a fascination with game development from early on in my childhood when I used to watch a YouTube series called Eliot’s Pokemon Adventures, which was a Machinima series made using Pokemon FireRed and AdvanceMap.

From there my interest spread into “animations” made in Microsoft PowerPoint before shifting over to RPG Maker VX, and later VX Ace, by which point I started adding player control and developed a desire for a game rather than a Machinima.

The first “complete” game I ever made was a 2D fan game of Garry’s Mod. It was made in RPG Maker VX and used maps, objects and NPCs from several RPG Maker games with permission from their respective creators. However, the game has since (thankfully) been lost.

Until I got to college I had never programmed a day in my life, but we had to learn Visual Basic for one module and later JavaScript for another. By the final year I had learned C# for yet another module and have found it more versatile, to a certain degree, than any language I’ve used before or since. In first year of university I had to learn C++ for a few different modules which I have been developing in association with C# to keep the two on par as I progressed through university.


  • Programming in Unity

    • Early on in my programming experience, I spent a lot of time in Unity to continue what little experience I had with game development. I practiced anything and everything that interested me and eventually took part in Aardvark Swift’s Grads in Games program’s Search For A Star gamejam using what knowledge and experience I had of Unity to my advantage.

  • Programming in MonoGame

    • I was introduced to MonoGame as part of a university module and at the start I didn’t like working with pure code…but now I can’t work without it, even taking a disinterest to Unity’s IDE in favour of MonoGame’s more “hands-on” approach. Much like the Search For A Star gamejam, I’ve also used MonoGame in the DemakeJam on Itch.io. I have a gallery in my Portfolio section of GIFs featuring random projects I’ve created in MonoGame which I am continuing to update as the number of projects I create does so. Note that not all my projects are shown, just the ones I find more interesting.


  • Formulas and Equations

    • Almost every action the player takes in a game is dictated by strict rules with measurable values, and I find that fascinating whether it’s for general displacement or a Pokemon’s catch probability. I like the idea of a game with measurable rules and calculable outcomes even if it doesn’t follow real-world physics.

  • YouTube Gameplays

    • Counter to what might be expected, I prefer to watch people play games rather than play them myself (though that’s more an issue of time and money than anything else). It gives me an idea of how different people interpret and handle different scenarios they’re presented with either by the game or their previous actions which, as an aspiring developer, is something to take note of.

  • Japanese

    • Bit of an odd thing to list as an interest on a programming portfolio but hear me out. Japanese is different from English, vastly different. So different in fact that many of the grammar rules in English and other European languages just don’t exist at all in Japanese sentences. As someone who started with a simple programming language like Visual Basic and gradually transitioned to C++, Japanese intrigues me greatly with its three alphabets and loose grammar structure that’s designed to work regardless of word order. In a way, it is like C++ of spoken languages as more information can be conveyed with less input compared to English.

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